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Are You Keeping Track of Your Occupational Tax Deductions?

It's finally fall, which means the year is winding down. Have you been keeping track of your occupational tax deductions? Staying on top of your tax records year-round will help you out immensely during tax season. The process of organizing and logging your receipts and calculating total deduction amounts will go so much more quickly and smoothly if you aren't scrambling to take care of it at the last minute.

But in order to start tax planning now, you need to know what deductions you're eligible for, based on your occupation. Taxation Solutions, Inc. is the company to call in Charlotte if you need assistance determining what business expenses you can deduct. Here are a few possibilities: 

  • Teachers can deduct classroom supplies they purchased and were not reimbursed for by their employer.
  • Medical professionals can deduct the cost of uniforms and upkeep, as well as certain supplies not reimbursed by their employer.
  • Sales representatives can deduct dues to professional organizations.

These are just a few examples. You might also be able to deduct expenses related to business travel, continuing education, and more. Each profession has different financial needs, and Taxation Solutions, Inc. will guide you toward a tax return that's complete, accurate, and has the best chance of a refund—or at least minimizing what you owe at the end of the year. Give us a call today to schedule the tax help you need!