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How Do You Deduct Non-Cash Charitable Contributions?

While it's easy to deduct cash donations to charity on your annual tax return, you'll have to work a little harder to deduct donated goods.

The IRS has several requirements in place for non-cash donation deductions, including: 

  • Clothing and household items must be in good used condition—or better.
  • Your receipt from the charity must include the organization's name, the date and location of the contribution, and a detailed description of the items you donated.
  • For donations valued at $250 or more, your receipt must also state whether you received goods or services in exchange for the contribution (and the value of those goods/services).
  • Gifts valued at more than $500 must be substantiated by records stating how and when you acquired the property.
  • Non-cash contributions valued at more than $5,000 must be professionally appraised.

In short, it's not good enough to drop a bunch of bags off at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and make up a number for your tax return. Should the IRS decide to audit you, you'll need receipts and other materials to support your claims.

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