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Learn About the Tax Breaks for Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Are you an environmentally conscious driver? If you've recently purchased a plug-in electric vehicle, your efforts to save the planet may also result in saved money when tax season rolls around.

The IRS offers two tax credits related to electric vehicles: 

  • Four-wheeled electric vehicle credit: For qualified plug-in electric cars placed in service in 2010 and later, you may claim a credit of $2,500. If the battery capacity is more than 5 kilowatt hours, you can add $417—as well as an additional $417 for every kilowatt hour of traction battery capacity over 5.
  • Low-speed, motorcycle, and three-wheeled vehicle credit: You may claim 10% of the cost of the vehicle, with a maximum credit of $2,500 per vehicle.

If your vehicle qualifies for both of these credits, you'll be required to choose one. Regardless, you'll see a decrease in your total taxes owed that can help to offset your purchase. 

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