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Do you know how much money you need to save each month for a comfortable retirement? While you may be able to easily put away $20 a month, is that amount going to be enough for you when you retire? You have to think about retirement with the end in mind. The reason is that retirement is an investment into your future. Being a future investment; you have to think about retirement as “the more you save now, the more you will have for the future.”

 If you have a current retirement plan in place, continue to use it and never take from it unless you have to as a last resort. While you may want to tap into it for a down payment for a new home or that car you always wanted, is that your best option? Couldn’t you just as well set aside money and plan for a particular purchase without having to tap into that nest egg?


If you don't have a retirement plan currently in place, you should start planning to do so now. If your employer offers a retirement plan, then you should take advantage of it. They have it in place for the employees to use.

While there are many things that are a priority on a daily basis, retirement has to factor in as a vital priority. If you want to actually retire and do so comfortably, you must make retirement a part of your daily life. Retirement is a necessity in itself.

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