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IRS Tax Penalties

For individuals and business owners who have underpaid taxes or filed delinquent returns, the resulting tax penalties are only going to take the situation from bad to far, far worse. With steep fines for late filing, penalties for underpayment, and a whole list of additional fees and charges designed to force your repayment, it’s not hard to see how continuing down the path of non-compliance is never in your best interest or the best interest of your company. At Taxation Solutions, Inc., we’re here to help you exercise your options when it comes to IRS tax penalties. If you’re struggling with tax liens, or you find yourself facing another costly consequence of owing back taxes, don’t allow the situation to spiral out of control. Count on our knowledgeable and experienced tax consultants to help you negotiate IRS tax relief and see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

With more than 40 years of combined experience behind our professional team, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is thoroughly knowledgeable regarding both federal and North Carolina tax regulations. We understand the crucial dos and don’ts of how to negotiate on your behalf before the IRS and local tax authorities in order to reduce, or even revoke, your hefty tax penalties. So don’t try to brave it alone and risk the possibility of further damages. Come to the negotiating table fully prepared, with our expert counsel on all types of tax penalties and repayment strategies used by the IRS, including: 

  • Receiving a Tax PenaltyTax Liens—Leveraged against your property to secure payment of your tax debt, a tax lien can result in the loss of your vehicles or real estate. Moreover, since it can appear as public record, a tax lien can show up on your credit report and seriously hamper your ability to buy new property, obtain a loan, or even open a bank account well into the future. Let the tax penalty specialists at Taxation Solutions, Inc. wield our expertise to help you work out an amicable answer for your situation. With our assistance, you can have your tax liens reduced, or perhaps even withdrawn in full. Just give us a call today to speak to our licensed tax attorney or one of our enrolled agents.
  • IRS Garnishment of Wages—In order to cover the amount of taxes you owe, federal tax authorities have the power to automatically deduct payments from your wages. As much as 25% of your weekly disposable income can be seized through IRS wage garnishment, making it extremely difficult to cover your monthly costs and pay your bills. For individuals already facing financial hardship, IRS garnishment can be truly devastating. Taxation Solutions, Inc. is here to help. If you’re scrambling to survive from week to week because of IRS garnishment of wages, reach us by phone or e-mail now. We can come up with a plan, such as an IRS installment agreement, to satisfy your tax obligations. That way, you can continue to receive your complete compensation while managing to repay your tax debt.
  • IRS Tax Levies—In cases where an especially large tax debt is owed, you could be hit with an IRS tax levy, allowing for the legal seizure of virtually any type of property you own, from vehicles to real estate to bank accounts. If you’ve received notice of an impending IRS tax levy, you have no time to lose if you want to safeguard your personal assets. So don’t delay. Contact the tax penalty specialists at Taxation Solutions, Inc. to begin taking defensive measures on your behalf. Our in-depth understanding of IRS tax penalties and our skillful negotiation tactics are exactly the tools you need to help protect your belongings. Whether your circumstances call for an IRS installment payment or another resolution to your IRS tax levy, we’re only a phone call away to assist you in these difficult dealings with the IRS. 

At Taxation Solutions, Inc., we know how frightening and confusing it can be to find yourself caught up in the web of IRS tax penalties. After all, over the course of our four decades of service, we’ve seen countless North Carolina taxpayers just like you who have had their lives as well as their livelihoods turned upside down by the financial fallout of an IRS wage garnishment or IRS tax levy. We were able to help them, and we’re ready to help you as well. Simply give us a call today or send us an e-mail. Whether you’re feeling the effects of IRS wage garnishment, an IRS tax levy, or a succession of tax liens, we’ll make it our mission to quell your fears and arrange the best possible outcome. 

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