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The stresses of too much tax debt can be utterly paralyzing. It’s impossible to get ahead financially, or even to make ends meet, because of your growing tax bills, yet you’re unsure of how to escape the escalating pressure from the IRS and local tax authorities. At Taxation Solutions, Inc., our name says it all. We really can work out solutions for your pressing tax problems, no matter how impossible they may seem to you at the moment. So don’t think for a second that you’re the first taxpayer to be in trouble this deep, or that you have to travel through this gauntlet alone. Our licensed tax attorney and enrolled agents are here to help you every step of the way, with a level of in-depth knowledge and responsive service that can only come from more than 40 years of combined experience in representing clients in both federal and state tax matters. 

Trust in our winning combo of tax law attorney and enrolled agents to help you lighten the load of your heavy tax burden, with complete and expert assistance in: 

  • Filing an offer in compromise
  • Negotiating an installment agreement payment plan
  • Resolving IRS lien and levy complications
  • Stopping wage garnishment
  • Claiming innocent spouse relief
  • Filing delinquent tax returns
  • Handling amended returns
  • Managing late payroll taxes
  • Representing clients for tax audits
  • And much more 

Whether you’re an individual coping with the complications of back taxes or a business owner in need of corporate tax resolution, you can feel confident that our tax attorney and enrolled agents will do everything possible to secure your interests and help you to achieve a positive outcome. From your initial phone consultation to our final interaction on your behalf, we’ll take our job as your trusted tax advocate to heart, helping you to navigate the complex tax codes and develop a custom strategy for comprehensive tax relief. So don't settle for tax attorneys that try to squeeze your situation into a one-size-fits-all solution. Call Taxation Solutions for individualized tax help and superior customer service.

Our experienced tax attorney is authorized to represent clients in federal tax court in North Carolina as well as throughout the rest of the country. Working in tandem with our skilled team of enrolled agents, he can help to analyze your financial records and determine the most effective course of action for addressing your individual situation. If you’re tired of living under the constant pressure of unresolved tax issues, don’t wait another day to call Taxation Solutions, Inc. Our entire team of enrolled agents, as well as our seasoned tax lawyer, is here and ready now to help you end the day-to-day agony of tax debt worries. 

Isn't it high time you stop losing sleep over the stress of tax problems and start focusing your attention on other obligations, such as work and family? With the sound counsel and exceptional service of Taxation Solutions, Inc. on your side, you can finally do that. Pick up the phone today and call to speak to our in-house tax attorney or one of our enrolled agents. The initial consultation is free, and may be exactly the stepping stone you need to break free from your devastating tax debt. Our tax lawyer and enrolled agents pride themselves on offering customer service that is second to none, so give us a call today.

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